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Persian Complex

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Facade and Interior

The interior design of the complex have the elements of the buildings and cities that are not only designed for their great beauty but also held within them a physical expression of Islamic life and spiritualism, The heart and soul of Islamic decoration are Islamic geometric patterns and floral arabesques and that is what will be used in façade of the complex. All volumes and shapes of the façade are inspired by the glorious Achaemenid Empire and Islamic architecture .You can see the integration of modern and traditional Islamic Iranian architectural forms and designs in every aspect of the complex.

Contact Us

  • Persian Complex Address: Next to Hyper Star, Bakeri Highway, TEHRAN, IRAN
  • Postal code: 1484684485
  • Phone: (+9821) 44168400
  • Fax:(+9821) 44168409
  • Info@Persian-Complex.com

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