The Directorship and adviser competitor

The Directorship and Adviser Competitor of The Project:

  • Eng. Abbas Shahbazian : Chairman of the Board
  • Eng.  Hossein Khak Pour : Manager Director
  • Eng.  Alireza Shahbazian : Member of the Board
  • Eng. Asadollah Alirezae Shahraki: Finance Administration Deputy
  • Architectural Consultant phase zero & one: Eng. Behrooz Sasani
  • Architectural Consultant phase two and interior design: Eng. Kamran Arami
  • Additional structure control Consultant: FARAVARAN TARH & POUYESH CO. (Manager Director: Eng. Alireza Zareian Jahromi)
  • Structural Consultant 1: PAYA FAN AVARAN SAZE CO. Consultant (Chairman and Manager Director: Eng. Alireza Anvarian)
  • Structural Consultant 2 and Engineering Assistance: Eng. Mohsen Arabi
  • Supreme supervision, legal and resident: BOLAND MARTABE PEYMAN CO. (Manager Director: Eng. Hossein Rastegar Nejad)
  •  Supreme Supervision and Control for Mechanical & Electrical Systems: ENERGY CO. Consultant (Manager Director: Eng. Hasan Khjeh Nouri)
  • Mechanical & Electrical Systems Designer 1: PARTO ABGARDAN CO. (Manufacturing and Trading Company) (Chairman and Manager Director: Dr. Mahmoud Lazemi Zadeh)
  • Mechanical & Electrical Systems Designer 2: AZMAYESH HAMKARAN CO. Consultant (Manager Director: Eng. Seyyed Reza Azmayesh)
  • Geotechnical, Geophysical and Seismic Consultant: ZAMIN SAKHT CO. (Manager Director: Dr. Seyyed Mostafa Salehi)
  •  Additional Geotechnical Control Consultant: ISTA PEY AZMA CO. (Manager Director: Eng. Alireza Rezaei)
  • H.S.E Consultant: POURIA VA KIMIA SALAMAT Manager & Consultant CO. (Manager Director: Dr. Mohammad Reza Majd Abadi)
  • Hotel & Tourism Consultant: Eng. Kazem Mojaradi (Prior Manager Director Group of HOMA Hotels)

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