space usage and facilities of the project

Interior design and facade of the complex

The interior design of the complex have the elements of the buildings and cities that are not only designed for their great beauty but also held within them a physical expression of Islamic life and spiritualism, The heart and soul of Islamic decoration are Islamic geometric patterns and floral arabesques and that is what will be used in façade of the complex. All volumes and shapes of the façade are inspired by the glorious Achaemenid Empire and Islamic architecture .You can see the integration of modern and traditional Islamic Iranian architectural forms and designs in every aspect of the complex.



The commercial units of the Persian Complex are constructed in the gross area of 7500 m2, having 4 floors. In this part of the complex, there are stock markets and latest brands of jewelries, clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, glasses, cosmetics, Sport clothing and equipment, home appliance, restaurants and café shops.

This complex designs with an awesome roof garden with gross area of 10,000 m2 having sport and recreational facilities and food court.


Hyper Market

Hyper market of Persian complex with gross area of 15000 m2 is located in the first ground and consisting of shopping Centre, children playground, VIP lounge, advertising hall, taxi station and stores.



Cultural part of the Persian complex with gross area of 12000 m2 is constructed in 3 floors consisting of two salon with all essential services, secretarial and translation services as well as courier service, meeting rooms and conference hall. All these services, as well as parking and hotel neighborhood make the cultural center appropriate for holding international assemblies and concerts.


Sport hall with gross area of 5000 m2 is consisted of different salons with all recreational and sport facilities for different kinds of sports such as squash, bowling, and ice hockey. The sport center also has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and spa salon.


5 star hotel (grade A)

This 5 star hotel with infrastructure area of 82000 m2 and having all recreational and sport facilities is constructed in 32 floors with deluxe materials and it has 660 rooms, restaurant  and meeting room for all types of gusts.


5 star hotel (grade B)

Another 5 star hotel with gross area of 2000m2 designs in two towers having 19&14 deluxe and facilitated floors with high security and modern facing consisting of international company’s offices and huge meeting rooms.



The parking of Persian complex with gross area of 9000m2 has 3100 parking spaces in 4-9 floors. This parking allows gusts to park within easy walking distance of hyper, cultural center and sport center.

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  • Persian Complex Address: Next to Hyper Star, Bakeri Highway, TEHRAN, IRAN
  • Postal code: 1484684485
  • Phone: (+9821) 44168400
  • Fax:(+9821) 44168409
  • Info@Persian-Complex.com

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